Student Cloud Computing Projects against the Financial Crisis

The Master Thesis project is an important stage in which students tackle a specific problem and do so using all available technologies and methodologies learned during their studies.

One of the best features of cloud computing is its high accessibility. In this way, it opens up a world of research possibilities and engenders a fast learning process, allowing the students to develop outstanding projects in a very reasonable time.

This time the effects of the financial crisis turned to be the center of gravity of this year’s Master Thesis projects with I advise, which are always proposed by the students themselves. This year’s projects provide sustainable solutions for Computer Science teaching, Research and High-Tech SMEs.

HPC in the Cloud has featured an article on my students and their awesome projects. Click here to access it.

Also, Cadena SER, one of the major radio stations in Spain, interviewed us in prime time. You can access the audio (in Spanish) here.

J.L. Vázquez-Poletti

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