C4BB4C: The list of accepted papers has been released

The International Workshop on Clouds for Business and Business for Clouds (C4BB4C) (to be held at the 10th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications, ISPA2012) has just released the list of accepted papers.

It has been a difficult process due to the high quality of the received contributions, but finally, these are the papers that will be presented at the workshop:

  1. 4CaaSt: Comprehensive management of Cloud services through a PaaS. Sergio García-Gómez, Francesco Lelli, Manuel Escriche-Vicente, Pablo Arozarena-Llopis, Yehia Yehia Taher, Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Steve Strauch, Christof Momm, Axel Spriestersbach, Miguel Jiménez-Gañán, Goulven Le Jeune, Michel Dao, Stephane P. Carrie, Joerg Niemoller, Dimitri Mazmanov, József Biro, Andrea Giesmann and Frederic Junker.
  2. The Medianet Project: Integration of Multimedia Services for the next Generations Business oriented Internet. Jaime Garcia-Reinoso, Guillermo Ibañez, Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti and Ignacio Martin Llorente.
  3. Towards Cloud-enabled Business Process Management based on Patterns, Rules and Multiple Models. Dana Petcu and Vlado Stankovski.
  4. A Holistic Model for Making Cloud Migration Decision: A Consideration of Security, Architecture and Business Economics. Bjorn Johnson and Yanzhen Qu.
  5. Incorporating Business Intelligence in Cloud Marketplaces. Anna Gatzioura, Andreas Menychtas, Vrettos Moulos and Theodora Varvarigou.
  6. Revenue Models for Streaming Applications over Shared Clouds. Rafael Tolosana, Jose Angel Bañares, Congduc Pham and Omer Rana.
  7. Issue in Automatic Combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Dinh Khoa Nguyen and Francesco Lelli.
  8. Service Datastores in Cloud Governance. Adrian Copie, Teodor-Florin Fortis, Victor Ion Munteanu and Viorel Negru.
  9. SDP as a Service (SDPaaS): A New Revenue Stream for Operators. Joaquín Salvachúa and Luis Galindo.
  10. Aggregating Price Models for Composite Services in Cloud Service Marketplaces. Frederic Junker, Juergen Vogel and Katarina Stanoevska.

Hope to see you at Madrid!

This Workshop couldn’t be possible without the following projects: MEDIANET (Comunidad de Madrid S2009/TIC-1468), HPCcloud (MICINN TIN2009-07146) and 4CaaSt (Gr. Agree. 258862).

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