Newly released Globus Toolkit 4.2 includes GridWay 5.4!

Globus Toolkit logo

Recently, Charles Bacon announced, on behalf of the Globus Toolkit development team, the release of Globus Toolkit 4.2, containing an upgrade to the web services specifications used by the toolkit as well as new features in all services.

Starting from Globus Toolkit 4.0.5, GridWay 5.2 was included as a contribution for the GT4.0 final distribution, but contributions are not supported by Globus Toolkit and have very limited documentation. The new Globus Toolkit 4.2 includes a new stable release, GridWay 5.4, as a true Globus component, well documented and fully integrated in Globus installation, building and testing procedures.

This new stable release of GridWay is the result of the previous development release, GridWay 5.3, which was released on December 2007 and has been thoroughly tested and documented since then. In few days, GridWay 5.4 will be also available from GridWay’s web page.


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