2ndWoSS: Clouds over Timisoara

Last week the West University of Timisoara (Romania) hosted the 2nd Workshop on Software Services: Cloud Computing and Applications based on Software Services. This edition of WoSS, devoted to Cloud Computing, was co-chaired by Prof. Dana Petcu (West University of Timisoara) and by me.

Being variety our call sign, the event had different types of sessions, not only those where high quality peer reviewed papers pertaining to the regular, position and corporate categories were presented. There were 13 invited talks on EU funded projects, and I gave that corresponding to the 4CaaSt project. Even, attendees had the opportunity to visit the IBM Blue Gene/P that the West University of Timisoara hosts, becoming the first supercomputer ever in Romania.

As the 8th Call for the European Seventh Framework Program is near, the 2nd WoSS was used as an open forum to make interesting ideas come together. In order to spice up this, a SPRERS award (800 Euros in hand) was offered for the best idea presented by a team of new member states for a project proposal for the Objective 1.2 from the Call. The objective focuses on technologies specific to the networked, distributed dimension of software and access to services and data. It will support long-term research on new principles, methods, tools and techniques enabling software developers in the EU to easily create interoperable services based on open standards, with sufficient flexibility and at a reasonable cost.

Writing FP7 project proposals is a great time and energy consuming activity. As it is clear that “(s)he who fails to plan, plans to fall”, we offered a training session which provided the best practices for writing successful proposals. Prof. Dana Petcu, who has a credited reputation in project management and participation, was in charge of this training.

2nd WoSS has been a very intensive Workshop. Its first great achievement was the confluence of many ideas and requirements coming from both academic and industry sides. Its second great achievement was without any doubt that Timisoara hosted a great family meeting. This is the European family with new members that we need to welcome and share our work with.

The highlights of this event have been featured on “HPC in the Cloud”.

You can read them here.

J.L. Vázquez-Poletti

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