The DSA Research Group hosts The First Spanish E-Science Network Meeting

The First Spanish E-Science Network Meeting, involving up to 68 institutions (Universities, Research and Supercomputation Centers) and organized by the UPV, took place last 21st and 22nd February at our Faculty.

E-Science Meeting Participants

But, What’s E-Science? E-Science can be defined as the “Set of scientific activities employing Internet accessible distributed resources”. In order to enable these distributed resources, four interest areas were defined for coordinating efforts: Supercomputation, Grid Infrastructure, Grid Middleware and Applications. Of course, these areas are not independent and while being developed, there must be a correlation between them.

Plenary Session

Many expectations surround this initiative as it is the result of past tentatives, that can’t be said they were a failure as they settled up the base for this Network. In fact, people (over 116 participants) came willing to collaborate and to expand the actual scientific landscape, proposing new ideas and supporting existing ones.

I.M. Llorente

There’s a long way ahead, but we are full of energy and synergy…

Jose Luis Vázquez-Poletti

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