Journal of Grid Computing: Special Issue on Clouds and Grids

This special issue of the Journal of Grid Computing is dedicated to recent advances in Cloud computing to simplify and optimize the use and operation of existing distributed computing infrastructures in science and engineering. Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished work describing current research and novel ideas in the area of Cloud Computing and its application to Grid and Cluster computing.
Additional information about this special issue can be found at the journal website

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiences, performance and reliability running scientific applications in Clouds
  • Grid, Cluster and data-intensive computing in Clouds
  • Limitations of Cloud services and technologies for capability and capacity computing
  • Impact of virtualization on the performance of memory, CPU and I/O intensive, and latency sensitive applications, and virtualization support for specialized communication transports
  • Scientific Clouds offering services for the scientific and technical communities
  • Architectures for integration of Cloud technologies and services with Cluster and Grid infrastructures
  • On-demand and utility resource provision models
  • Service and infrastructure scalability and elasticity management for the efficient execution of virtualized Cluster and Grid platforms
  • New paradigms for computing on Cloud
  • Federation, interoperability and portability between Clouds
  • Cloud interfaces, programming models and tools

Paper Submission & Important Dates
The submitted paper must be formatted according to Journal of Grid Computing rules, check the website for more information

Submission: 28 February 2010
Review: 30 April 2010
Revision: 20 June 2010
Final acceptance decision: 10 July 2010
Publication: Sep 2010

Guest Editors
Ignacio M. Llorente
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid, 28040, Spain

Ruben S. Montero
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid, 28040, Spain

Ruben S. Montero

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