Grids and Clouds at EGEE09


Yesterday we had a couple of quite interesting sessions about how people is using Cloud computing in Grids at the EGEE09 Conference. The speakers addressed two basic points:

  • The use of virtual machines and Clouds as an effective way to provide Grid users with custom execution environments. So the same Grid site can easily support VOs with different (or conflicting) configurations. Obviously, this will improve the quality-of-life of both the users and site admins.
  • Let the users access the Grid resources in a Cloud-way. After more than ten years of large Grid deployments we find out that some user communities just do not get used to the “official” execution work-flow. This users can greatly benefit from accessing “raw” computing capacity. This led to a very interesting discussion on Cloud federation, and the integration of current Grid services (e.g. authorization systems).

The material is available on-line in case you want to find out more.

The closing part of these sessions was about the integration of the RESERVOIR cloud stackĀ  within the EGEE project. This integration would allow EGEE sites to easily meet the users demands (i.e. worker node configurations) or to scale up services to meet peak loads. In other words, to “shape” a EGEE site to meet the highly dynamic demands of the researchers.

Ruben S. Montero

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