Libvirt 0.6.5 released… including a OpenNebula driver

Libvirt version 0.6.5 was released last week with a number of bug fixes and new features. The complete list of changes can be viewed at the libvirt web site. This new release includes an OpenNebula driver that provides a libvirt interface to an OpenNebula cluster.

What is it? OpenNebula is a Virtual Infrastructure Manager that controls Virtual Machines (VM) in a pool of distributed resources by orchestrating network, storage and virtualization technologies. The OpenNebula driver lets you manage your private cloud using a standard libvirt interface, including the API as well as the related tools (e.g. virsh) and VM description files.

Why a libvirt interface for your private cloud? Libvirt is evolving into a very rich and widely used interface to manage the virtualization capabilities of a server, including virtual network, storage and domain management. So, libvirt can be a very effective administration interface for a private cloud exposing a complete set of VM and physical node operations. In this way, libvirt + OpenNebula provides a powerful abstraction for your private cloud. More on interfaces for Private Clouds in this post…

Ruben S. Montero

1 thought on “Libvirt 0.6.5 released… including a OpenNebula driver

  1. Ruben

    Hi Ruben,
    I wanted to know how the open nebula cloud infrastructure handles real time scalability concerns. For instance when I monitor the systems, if they show a constant processing load of over 80%, will adding a few more physical systems to the cloud reduce the processing load of individual servers. My question is will the processing load be evenly distributed among all servers, does this also apply to storage ? So in the real world does this mean that the systems realign themselves to reduce the individual workload and processing load ?

    Thanks !

    Best Regards,

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