The Emerging Ecosystem of Cloud Components

MIT Technology Review has just published an interesting article entitled “Openning the Cloud” about open-source technological components to build a cloud-like infrastructure. The article focuses on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) paradigm, describing the components required to develop a solution to provide virtualized resources as a service. The article briefly describes the following technologies: OpenNebula, Globus Nimbus, and Eucalyptus.

In the OpenNenula project, we strongly believe that a complete Cloud solution requires the integration of several of the available components, with each component focused on a niche. The open architecture and interfaces of the OpenNevula VM Manager allow its integration with third-party tools, such as capacity managers, cloud interfaces, service adapters, VM image managers…; so supporting a complete solution for the deployment of flexible and efficient virtual infrastructures. We maintain an Ecosystem web page with information about third-party tools to extend the functionality provided by OpenNebula.

Ignacio MartĂ­n Llorente

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