Mars and Clouds at GridKa School 2013

I had the honor to be invited by the GridKa School organization to give a plenary talk in this year’s edition, which takes place from 26th to 30th August at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

My talk, entitled “Cloud Computing: Expanding Humanity’s Limits to Planet Mars”, focused in the use of cloud computing for the exploration of Planet Mars.

As another tool that Humanity has used for expanding its limits, cloud computing was born and evolved in consonance with the different challenges where it has been applied.

Due to its seamless provision of resources, dynamism and elasticity, this paradigm has been brought into the spotlight by the Space scientific community and in particular that devoted to the exploration of Planet Mars. This is the case of Space Agencies in need of great amounts of on demand computing resources and with a budget to take care of.

The Red Planet represents the next limit to be reached by Humanity, attracting the attention of many countries as a destination for the next generation manned spaceflights. However, theres is still much research to do on Planet Mars and many computational needs to fulfill.

My talk reviewed the cloud computing approach by NASA and then it focused on the Mars MetNet Mission, with which our research group is actively collaborating. This Mission is being put together by Finland, Russia and Spain, and aims to deploy several tens of weather stations on the Martian surface. The Atmospheric Science research is a crucial area in the exploration of the Red Planet and represents a great opportunity for harnessing and improving current computing tools, and establish interesting collaborations between countries.

The received feedback was very great and some collaboration opportunities have also arisen, making this travel another successful one.

J.L. Vázquez-Poletti

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