Solidifying the foundations of the cloud for the next generation Software Engineering

The Journal of Systems and Software will publish our work entitled “Solidifying the foundations of the cloud for the next generation Software Engineering”. Right now it’s “In Press” state but it can be accessed here.

Infrastructure clouds are expected to play an important role in the next generation Software Engineering but currently there are some drawbacks. These clouds are too infrastructure oriented and they lack advanced service oriented capabilities such as service elasticity, quality of service or admission control to perform a holistic management of a whole application. The deployment of complex multi-tier applications on top of IaaS infrastructures requires to provide the IaaS platforms with an extra service layer that provides advanced service management functionality.

In the present contribution we will introduce the benefits of a cloud based service-oriented architecture, which produces a set of research and scientific challenges. Then, current efforts to face these challenges will be described and finally, some conclusions on the work that still needs to be done at the IaaS level will be provided.

J.L. Vázquez-Poletti

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