Our contribution to BEinGRID: The GridAD tool

BEinGRID logoIn the BEinGRID context, and in collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, we (and by we, I mean the dsa-rearch.org group) have integrated GridWay and Grid Superscalar (GRIDs) using DRMAA, creating GridAD.

With the goal of promoting the adoption of the grid technologies from the business and enterprise, BEinGRID EU project is organized as a set of pilots with partners with complementary roles, from end users to technology providers. The expected output is a set of business reference cases leading towards the business exploitation of the grid. The dsa-research.org group is involved in Bussiness Experiment 14,  which can be described as:

 This experiment addresses the integrated environment required to develop new products and processes in the chemistry sector. This implies the parallel execution and coordination of multiple heterogeneous and widely distributed resources (databases,computer models, property and cost data,technical reports,and images) achieved by the combination of two outstanding Grid tools.

The combination of such tools is what we call GridAD, and it surely benefits from its components. From GRIDs takes the ability to be able to write gridified applications in a really easy way, by just defining which functions we want to execute remotely on an IDL file. GRIDs then automatically generates the necessary code and in run-time it uses techniques to assure an optimal use of data locality. From GridWay it takes the fault tolerance mechanisms, the ability to dynamically deploy the application, the ability to interoperate with different middlewares (EGEE, TeraGrid, Open Science Grid ,etc) and the resource provisioning among others.

Also, there are benefits for their separated components. We can see this in the use of DRMAA for the components communication, how it benefits GRIDs since now it can be plugged to traditional DRMS and run the application on a local cluster or it can be plugged to GridWay and run it on a Grid infrastructure.

Tino Vázquez

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